Corporate Compliance

Keep your company's documents in order and always be prepared for your next financing event with the help of a Senior Corporate Paralegal

With a Corporate Compliance subscription, you have access to a portfolio of services provided by a professional corporate paralegal. Some services are executed on a quarterly basis while others are on an annual basis (the subscription is an annual subscription).

Quarterly services include:

  1. Cap Table updates, including updating and maintaining Carta (if you have an existing Carta account) or similar online cap table tools;
  2. Establishing and maintaining your corporate record, updating legal reports in your Savvi account to reflect data from documents that have been uploaded to your Savvi file cabinet;
  3. Monitoring state compliance, submitting new state registrations as needed, and coordinating information updates necessary for annual state filings, as needed;
  4. Keeping your Company data room up to date, and building and organizing custom data rooms;
  5. Circulating updates and reports required for "investor information rights" to ensure compliance with ongoing reporting obligations to investors, as needed;
  6. Submitting stock option and other equity workflows for execution upon request by the Company; and
  7. The option to have your corporate paralegal attend and provide minutes for a quarterly board meeting. 

The Corporate Compliance subscription also includes a quarterly touchpoint meeting (up to 60 minutes) with the paralegal assigned to your account. This meeting can be used to review the corporate record, data rooms, pending equity grants, upcoming transactions, state registrations, and upcoming renewals.

Under this subscription, a corporate audit is performed on an annual basis. We will review all corporate documents in your Savvi account and ensure all corporate documentation is uploaded correctly to applicable Savvi reports and records so that your entity can move forward with business operations–whether you are looking to continue operating in the ordinary course or begin a financing event–without any due diligence snags.

Pricing for this service depends on the current size of your company, based on the number of employees or stockholders, or the amount raised. See below for payment details:


$2400/yr - Tier 1 Your company has raised less than $1 million and has less than 25 stakeholders.
$3600/yr - Tier 2 Your company has raised between $1-5 million or has between 26-50 stakeholders.
Starting at $5000/yr (subject to quote) - Tier 3 Your company has raised more than $5 million or has more than 51 stakeholders.


Please note: This service is not included in any Savvi platform subscriptions and requires an Add-on Subscription for an additional fee. An Advanced Savvi platform subscription is required in order to utilize a Corporate Compliance subscription.


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