Legal-Diligence Audit

Request that a Savvi partner audit your legal documents before diligence is done on your company.

Throughout their lifecycle, companies may have multiple diligence events (in which your company's legal documentation will be examined by another party), including financing rounds or acquisition transactions.  When your entity is about to go into a diligence event, you will want to make sure all of the proper documentation is in order before you give other parties access to review your data room.

With the Legal-Diligence Audit service, you can request a Savvi partner to audit your data room to make sure that everything you need for a diligence event is properly uploaded onto your account. We will deliver you a Diligence Report identifying areas that may need attention or clean-up, and help you get standard items (that we can generate through the Savvi platform) updated, signed and added to your data room. 

Please note: This service is not included in any Savvi subscriptions. You will have to request this as an Add-on Service for an additional fee.

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