State Entity Filing Fees and Services

Manage state-required filings directly through Savvi.

When you submit any state filing, there are typically two fees: the state fee, and the filing agent's fee for submitting the filing to the state on your behalf.  Savvi workflows that require making state filings will require that you pay both of these fees at the time of filing.

Savvi offers a subscription to cover certain third-party filing fees for state filings for $99/year/state. This subscription (the "Filing Agent" subscription) will cover all third-party filing fees associated with your initial filing in any state, and any annual filings required by that state going forward. The Filing Agent Subscription will NOT cover a la carte filings like requests for Certificates of Good Standing or Filing Amendments. 

The "Filing Agent" subscription offered through Savvi is separate from the "Registered Agent" subscription offered by Savvi. 

Savvi Technologies, Inc. is not an attorney or a law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Do not rely on any documents or information from Savvi without consulting an attorney. Savvi may partner with or refer clients to licensed attorneys, but such referral does not constitute an attorney-client relationship until the attorney is officially engaged by the client.