Annual Report

The Annual Report document and how you can access it on Savvi.

Most states require all entities organized or incorporated in the state to submit periodic information statements to maintain their good standing. In some states (including Delaware), this is called the "Annual Report."

The Annual Report requires the following information:

1) Your company's principal place of business,

2) The names and addresses of all company directors,

3) The name and address of one company officer,

4) Authorization by an officer or director to file an annual report.

Depending on your company's authorized shares, you may also be required to provide your company's:

5) Total gross assets, and

6) Total issued shares. States may differ in the amount of information they collect, how frequently they require reports to be filed, etc.

Resolution on Rejections or Amendments to Annual Report: If an annual report gets rejected by the state, we will work directly with the state to resolve issues and get it filed.

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