What do I need to hire a contractor?

If you're trying to hire a contractor, you will need a few documents. First, you need some sort of contractor/consulting/services agreement. The most common type of agreements are Independent Contractor Agreements, Master Services Agreements, and Consulting Agreements.  Second, you will typically need to get a W-9 filled out by them, so you can issue them a 1099 (if applicable). Lastly, you may consider having them sign a Non-Competition Agreement (this can be included in the contractor agreement, or signed as a stand-alone document). 

A contractor agreement can be set up in multiple ways. The first is setup so that there is one document that governs the entire relationship from beginning to end. This first approach is best when the contractor's relationship is going to be short-term or is very straightforward (they will provide X services for X period of time for a fixed compensation rate that won't change). The second approach is to set it up so that the contract is a "master" or "parent" agreement that then governs Statements of Work (SOWs) that you enter into whenever you need to engage the contractor for a new project. This second approach is great when you plan on engaging the contractor on a per-project basis over the course of a longer period of time. 

On Savvi, you can use the Onboard an Independent Contractor workflow to engage with a contractor. It is setup so that you can use it for either approach above: you can use it to engage a contractor on a one-off basis (first approach above), or you can enter into this agreement as a "master" agreement, and then enter into subsequent Statements of Work through our SOW workflow. As part of the workflow, you can also indicate whether you want to send them a W-9 to fill-out, as well as to send them a Non-Compete Agreement if so desired.

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