How do I insert signature tokens on a custom document?

Learn how to insert signature tokens into your custom documents to be used on Savvi.

Signature Tokens:

Tokens are created by placing curly brackets “{}” in the document. Within the curly brackets, you will place two different fields of information: the type of information and the role of the party. Each information field is separated by a colon. Here’s an example:


For signatures: 

  • The type will be "signature" or it can be shortened to simply "s"
  • The role will be the person whose signature is needed (ie. employee, lender, company signatory, etc.)

Below are examples that can be copied and pasted into your document directly. 

The physical size of tokens can be expanded by adding underscores “__” before the end of the curly brackets and after the token’s information. This will affect both the length and height of the signature block. For most documents, we recommend leaving 2 or 3 otherwise empty vertical spaces for the token to fill (including the line the token itself is on). If not, the signature will appear very small. We understand that some document formats may not allow for multiple empty spaces above the token. It is possible to use a single vertical space signature if necessary, but the signature will appear small in its final form.


 Vertical spaces available for a signature  Recommended Size
1 {s:emp}
2 {s:emp:_____}
3 {s:employee:________}


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