Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement (PIIA)

This article describes the PIIA document and how you can access it on Savvi.

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A Proprietary Information and Investors Agreement (PIIA) covers two main property rights; intellectual property and confidentiality.  A PIIA traditionally includes, among other items, the following:

  1. An agreement that anything created or developed by the Employee for the Employer, is owned by the Company, and
  2. Obligations of confidentiality for any Company confidential (proprietary) information.

This document will also often include "non-solicitation" provisions to prevent the employee from soliciting company customers and other employees from leaving the company for a period of time after leaving the company. 

This document may also include a non-competition provision, to restrict competitive activities after the employee leaves the company, though this may also be included in a stand-alone document.

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