How do I change the address of my company?

When your business changes its primary business or mailing address, there are a different places where you may need to update your address:

  1. First, any state where your entity is registered will need to know the updated address. You can do this by reporting your new address whenever you file your annual report/information statement with the applicable state. 
  2. Second, you may need to update your address with the IRS. You should talk to your accountant to know whether you need to do anything specific here, but you may be able to simply update your address when you file your next tax return. 
  3. Third, for purposes existing contracts, you may want to reach out to your contracted party to notify them of your address change, if there is potential that they may send you notices at any point in time. You are typically not required to notify contracted parties of an address change.
  4. Fourth, any registered agent that you have for state registrations will need to know your updated address to be able to send you "service of process" notices that the state may deliver to them. You can do this by emailing your registered agent (if Savvi is your registered agent, see below).
  5. Lastly, if you update your address within the Savvi platform (click the edit button next to your Company name in the Company Info/Data section), then any future contracts you generate in Savvi will reflect your section and update it there, and any Savvi-partners will also have your updated address. 

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