Hardware Addendum

Learn about Hardware Addendums and why including one in your SaaS Agreement may be beneficial to you.

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Hardware Addendums are often included as addendums to SaaS/Terms of Service Agreements. They define additional specific terms and conditions under which the service provider agrees to the avail the subscriber certain hardware on an "as a service" basis.

The benefit of including a Hardware Addendum in your SaaS Agreement is that any liability caused by the hardware on which the software is accessed is treated distinctly from any liability caused by the software product. For example, if a subscribing customer purchases your app and downloads it onto their hardware device, and the device (not the application) causes the liability by which the subscriber seeks a remedy, having a Hardware Addendum may make the difference between your company having to cure the liability to the same extent you would if the problem were caused by the software product and limiting your company's total liability.

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