Financing Administration Services

Request that a Savvi partner manage your entity's financing transaction (does not include legal counsel), including due diligence and data room management, and transaction process management.

There are typically three general tasks that companies need help with to get a financing transaction closed: 1) drafting and negotiating transaction documents, 2) providing and responding to due diligence requests (including managing the data room), and 3) managing the closing process (signature collection, state filings, etc.).

With this add-on service, a Savvi partner attorney will step in to assist with both the due diligence and data room process, as well as the transaction closing process. The goal with this service is to give companies a team that can provide non-counsel services needed to close a financing transaction at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. 

Please note: if this is a preferred stock financing, companies must find a transaction counsel to manage the document drafting and negotiation process, as that is not included in this service.

Savvi Technologies, Inc. is not an attorney or a law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. Do not rely on any documents or information from Savvi without consulting an attorney. Savvi may partner with or refer clients to licensed attorneys, but such referral does not constitute an attorney-client relationship until the attorney is officially engaged by the client.