Equity Incentive Plan

This article describes the equity incentive plan template and how you can access it on Savvi.

Signatures Required:

Board of Directors

Shareholders or Members


An equity incentive plan can be adopted by a Company to reserve a certain number of shares/units to be given to employees as an incentive to work hard to make the Company a success. Generally, the Employee is promised an amount of equity of the Company if they stay with the company for a certain amount of time via a vesting schedule. The Equity Incentive Plan lays out certain terms that govern any equity awards/grants made under the Plan. 

Equity Incentive Plans must be adopted by the Company's Board of Directors and a majority of Shareholders/Members. It can provide for different types of equity incentive awards/grants, including: restricted equity, stock options (for corporations), profits interests (for LLCs), etc.

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