EDGAR Codes and when you would need them.

EDGAR is the system that the SEC uses for file and registration management. Anyone who intends to file any document with the SEC needs what are called "EDGAR Codes" in order to both access the EDGAR system and file any forms with the SEC (regardless of whether you file online via EDGAR or using paper forms, although most forms are only available on EDGAR now). 

There are four different codes which comprise a full set of EDGAR Codes: a CIK, a CCC, a password, and a PMAC. In order to generate these codes, one must file a Form ID, which can be done on the Savvi platform.

Savvi can obtain EDGAR codes for you upon request as an Add-On service.

Please note: This service is not included in any Savvi subscriptions. You will have to request this as an Add-on Service for an additional fee.

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